Grand Island Town Board bans truck stops with resident support

There won’t be a new truck stop on Grand Island if the Town Board has anything to say about it. Town Board members Friday did an end-run around plans for such a facility even being introduced on Grand Island by amending the town’s zoning code to ban them from being built anywhere on the island. The […]

VIDEO: Traffic cameras show crash involving 50-60 cars on snowy Iowa interstate

AMES, Iowa (WTHR) – One person died in a crash involving dozens of vehicles on an Iowa interstate that was captured on traffic cameras. 53-year-old Dana Easter was killed when the bus he was driving hit a row of stopped vehicles on Interstate 35 early Monday afternoon. According to WHO-TV, traffic had been stopped due […]

How Driverless Vehicles Could Harm Professional Drivers Of Color

Driverless cars could transform the way our country moves, potentially making roads more efficient and possibly saving lives because of fewer traffic accidents. But for all the benefits of a driverless future, this next-generation transportation is threatening the livelihood of America’s professional drivers, including scores of people of color. New research from the Center for […]

Trucking Industry Struggles With Growing Driver Shortage

America needs more truck drivers. The trucking industry is facing a growing shortage of drivers that is pushing some retailers to delay nonessential shipments or pay high prices to get their goods delivered on time. A report from the American Trucking Associations says more than 70 percent of goods consumed in the U.S. is moved […]