Death of the American Trucker

Will automated trucking be Trump's greatest betrayal of his blue-collar base? When Donald Trump sidles up to a semi truck, he’s usually selling policy only a plutocrat could love. Campaigning to repeal the Affordable Care Act in March, Trump pinned an iTrucks button to his lapel and honked the horn of a Mack truck outside […]

Motorist cuts off semi hauling potatoes, causes big mess

A semi-truck hauling potatoes was cut off by a motorist in Nebraska on Wednesday, forcing the rig into a bridge and scattering its load of potatoes across the highway. The accident occurred on January 3rd at approximately 11:54 a.m. near Aurora, Nebraska.   According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the semi-truck was traveling east on […]

Wrong-way driver that forced semi off road found ‘not guilty’ of careless driving

A wrong-way motorist that caused a big rig to overturn back in October, was acquitted Tuesday of careless driving. Christine Hockenberry, 49, did not attended her trial on Friday. Her lawyer entered her plea of not guilty of the citations she received regarding the incident earlier in the fall. On October 24, Hockenberry drove her […]

Truck gets stuck under 10’10” bridge, driver says he wasn’t sure of the height

A box truck driver got stuck underneath a bridge on Thursday while operating an unfamiliar vehicle on a road he says he frequents in his usual truck. The accident happened on December 21st at approximately 8:59 a.m. in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania. Police say the box truck was traveling north on King of Prussia Road when […]