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Derek Smith-Bracken‎: 1100 trucks at the truck stop Cheif

1100 trucks at the truck stop Chief, didn’t see the first Swift truck for about a half hr….53ft-er, Ya know how you know that when you’re at the stop Chief?, You can tell by the lack of intelligence behind the wheel but we didn’t know…
Very first light Chief, Swift come cruising, so we’d starting waving our arms, yelling and screaming, sometimes Swift go away, sometimes they wouldn’t go away. Sometimes that Swift driver looks right into ya, right into your eyes…, Ya know the thing about Swift driver Chief.. he’s got..lifeless eyes, black the eyes of a doll, nothing behind them. When he comes at you, doesn’t seem to be alive ..till he backs into ya and those black eyes roll over white and he gets out and tries to blame you for being parked in the wrong Spot! I’ll never go into a flying pilot again! They didn’t report us overdue for a week, 1100 went in! 360 came out! I’ll never go into a Flying Pilot again.