Community Guidelines

There will now be a $2.00 reinstatement fee charged to any member that was banned or muted for violating the group rules and wishes to be added back to the group. Members who violate the group rules and was muted MUST pay a $5.00 reinstatement fee to have the mute lifted.

$5.00  reinstatement fee for posting GOFUNDME/Fundraisers without admin approval. $50.00 fee for anyone caughrecruiting/advertising within the group.

This fee will be charged each time a member is removed from the blocked list as it does not guarantee membership if the member continues to break the rules

This option will not be available to every blocked member,  Admin has full discretion as to what members will be unblocked.

If you need to speak with an admin or moderator you can private message us, we will try to answer any questions you may have.
If possible,  please have screenshots and/or names to help us research your question.

We will mute anyone who disrespects the community guidelines. Rules are posted throughout the Truckers Wall Of Shame Social Network. If you put a laughing or mad emoji on the posts containing the rules you will be muted for 7 days. YOU MUST ERASE YOUR EMOJI OR YOU WILL BE REMOVED PERMANENTLY!

If you direct any of these words listed below towards a member of our community you will be muted or permanently removed. 

  • Fag = mute 7 days 
  • Hoe = mute 7 days
  • Slut =  mute 7 days 
  • Cunt = mute 7 days 
  • Bitch = mute 7 days 
  • Skank = mute 7 days 
  • Queer = mute 7 days 
  • Faggot = mute 7 days 
  • Bastard = mute 7 days 
  • Lot lizard = mute 7 days 
  • Nigger = Permanent Ban
  • Whore = Permanent Ban
  • Tits or GTFO = mute 7 days 
  • Political posts = mute 24 hrs
  • Racist comments/memes = Permanent Ban
  • Turn off comments to your post = mute 12 hrs
  • Religious / sexist comments/memes = mute 7 days 
  • Messaging another member asking for nude photos= Permanent Ban
  • Intentionally reposting deleted posts will get you a 7-day posting vacation
  • Posting pictures of another member without their permission = mute 7 days 
  • Sending hateful private messages to another member of this group = Permanent Ban
  •  Private messages nude photos to another member of this group without their permission = Permanent Ban


  1. Absolutely NO NUDITY/PORN allowed.
  2. Political posts must be trucking related!!
  3. Bullying/harassing members will not be tolerated!
  5. Mentioning a members ” children/family “in a negative way will get you and your comment permanently removed.
  6. No advertising FB Pages / Groups / Websites without approval from an Admin. (Your post will be deleted & you will be permanently removed.).
  7. No GoFundMe, crowdfunding, or fundraiser posts for individuals outside of our community. (Members MUST have approval first).
  8. Members are NOT allowed to turn off the ability to comment on their posts. This is an admin action ONLY. (If you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen!)
  9. Posts complaining about a removed post are not allowed. Doing so will result in removal from the group. If your post is gone, it’s because it broke the group rules.
  10. Blatant trolling to purposefully break rules will result in an automatic ban. This includes cross-posting and spill over drama from people’s timelines, other Facebook groups, and online communities.
  11. Advertising your business is not allowed. Advertising posts, including contests and giveaways, will be removed. Posts made by spouses or obvious associates to the business in order to circumvent this rule will also be removed. Repeated postings will result in the member being removed from the group.
  12. Driver recruiters, you may NOT post that you have openings. You may NOT post that you have openings. You may not share posts from your own business, or chain posts together with other businesses to share each other’s businesses. All job advertisements must be posted in Trucking Jobs in America. 
  13. Blocking an admin, joining the group with multiple profiles, fake profiles, or trolling profiles are not allowed and will result in immediate ejection from the group without warning.
  14. No propositioning type selfies allowed. If your selfie is not related to trucking it will be removed unless posted in the comments. Check out our group SELFIES “UNCENSORED“! 
  15. Posts that beginning with “Please delete if not allowed” will be removed. If you cannot read the rules before you post or can’t comprehend what is safe or unsafe to post, feel free to get a feel for the group before you start posting. If your post is removed, please refer to these rules. We will not let you know when removing a post or comment.

We’re glad to have you here and can’t wait to see all the screw ups! Hopefully, they’re not yours or ours!