Flying Tire Causes 2 Collisions, Explosion of Semi Truck in Russia

A strange and unpreventable incident caused serious damage on a road in Russia.

Luckily, no human life was lost in the crash that involved a Scania truck, a silver Ford Focus, and a Fredliner semi truck. However, the damage caused was considerable, as the Fredliner burst into flames and, after at least 3 consecutive explosions, burned down to the ground.

“A wheel disconnected from Scania car, which rolled out onto the roadway causing a collision with a Ford Focus car, driven by a 47-year-old resident of the Voronezh region, who was moving in the opposite direction.

“After hitting the wheels, the driver of the Ford Focus car had a collision with the Fredliner car moving in the opposite direction and then caught fire. As a result of a traffic accident, the driver of the Ford Focus was taken to a medical facility,”
 the report adds.

The driver of the semi-truck got out of the vehicle while the cabin was engulfed by flames – but some time before the first explosion, and he manages to put some distance between himself and the semi before the explosion.

The report doesn’t say anything about the driver of the Scania truck.