Police say fatal truck crash caused by construction equipment blocking road

EL PASO, Texas (CBS4) — Construction equipment left along median kills two traveling on I-10 in El Paso

Two people killed in a multiple semitrailer crash along I-10 in far east El Paso were heading east before a parked construction vehicle took their lives, said police.

A piece of construction equipment in the median is to blame for the wreck involving five vehicles, according to a news release from the El Paso Police Department.

The driver and the passenger inside a 2017 Freightliner died at the scene, said police.


The driver wasn’t identified, but police said he was 24 years old and his passenger was Keserie Paredes of Van Alstyne, Texas.

Police said around 2:22 a.m. they were heading eastbound along I-10 near the Americas Interchange when their truck hit a conveyer arm sticking out of a construction vehicle parked in the center median between the eastbound and westbound lanes.

According to police, the protruding conveyer belt was sticking out 4 feet onto the inside east lane.


Jaime Mata posted an image of the construction equipment to Facebook saying he saw the conveyor arm on a construction vehicle sticking out onto I-10. He said he flagged down drivers to warn them.

The conveyer arm penetrated the man and women’s cab on their semitrailer, striking the 24-year-old man, pushing him to the rear of the cab, said police. The conveyer arm then ripped the sleeper berth off the cab, causing Paredes to be ejected, they said.


A second semitruck, along with the semitruck that the man and Paredes were in, veered to the right, striking a Jeep Compass. The Jeep Compass then crashed into a tanker trailer that was damaged from the construction vehicle the deadly crash.

Police said the driver who died in the crash rolled out of his truck and onto the roadway.