Semi driver leaves accident scene on foot, gets found by canine unit

INGHAM CO., Mich.  — On Wednesday morning, Ingham County deputies arrested a driver of a semi-truck after he tried to flee the scene on foot.

It happened at U.S. 127 and Holt Rd. at 7:15 in the morning.

The police were responding to a call of a semi that struck a box truck on the highway, where the driver of the semi had walked away from the crash.

Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth spotted the driver in the woods west of the highway.

They sent in the canine unit who located the man in the woods.

Once they had the man, they determined that there was a warrant out for his arrest by the Clinton County Sheriff’s office for assault by strangulation, which also happened on Wednesday morning.

The driver is also accused of sideswiping another vehicle that the Lansing police are investigating.

The man is a 23-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina. Police say they don’t know why he was in the area.

He was taken to a hospital to be looked at, and then custody was turned over to Clinton County.

No one was hurt in the accidents.

Police say alcohol may be a factor in the incident.