Cheyanne Morrison

‘A return of the favor’: Pipeline workers raise $10K for fallen firefighter’s daughter

Pipeline construction workers are contributing to a Rosetown girl’s education fund in honor of her father, a firefighter who had helped them before he died in the line of duty.

In September, a bus carrying 16 pipeline employees was hit by a semi-truck in Kerrobert.

“They had multiple injuries – from broken arms to broken shoulders, lots of internal injuries,” said Paul Stuckles, safety manager at O.J. Pipelines.

Rosetown volunteer firefighter Darrell Morrison was called to help those involved in the crash.

The 46-year-old firefighter died when he was struck by a passing semi-truck while responding to a crash north of Rosetown in November.

O.J. Pipelines employees have raised $10,000 for Morrison’s daughter’s education.

“We really appreciate what the emergency crews do for us, hopefully, this is a little bit of a return of the favor,” Stuckles said.

“We talked about it at a morning meeting, passed some envelopes to each one of our crews. Within a week, week-and-a-half, we had about $10,000 to donate.”

Cheyanne Morrison stated that she plans to go to college for firefighting and eventually become an RCMP officer.

“I want a job with a lot of adrenaline in it and excitement, and my dad inspired me to do it,” Cheyanne said.

The 17-year-old said she’s appreciative of O.J. Pipelines’ donation.

“It’s pretty exciting of how much people are trying to help, and I’m really grateful for it,” she said.

Cheyanne plans to go to college next year.