A morning crash on westbound I-10 near U.S. 301 caused delays out of Jacksonville for multiple hours and left a huge mess to clean up.

Florida Highway Patrol says one of the semi trucks involved in this morning’s crash was hauling milk. Troopers were investigating what caused the crash and cleaning up the milk cartons.

A preliminary crash report shows the crash happened around 6:45 a.m. and involved three semi trucks. One truck had become disabled and the driver who was trailing behind could not stop in time.

A third semi-truck driver was unable to avoid hitting the other vehicles. The crash report indicates charges are pending further investigation. No injuries were reported to any of the drivers involved in the crash.


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Alicia Tarancon@AliciaANJax

Here’s a look at traffic inching by on I-10 WB. Wreckers have arrived to remove tractor trailers blocking lanes. No injuries reported @ActionNewsJax @WOKVNews @ActionTraffic

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Alicia Tarancon@AliciaANJax

Here’s a look at the wreckers towing the teal tractor trailer on I-10. This semi had gallons of almond milk onboard @ActionNewsJax @WOKVNews @ActionTraffic

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Alicia Tarancon@AliciaANJax

Crews are currently cleaning up spilled almond milk on I-10. FHP tells us they got the call just before 7am @ActionNewsJax

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Crash leaves semi dangling off Dames Point Bridge

All lanes of I-295 northbound blocked, driver ‘miraculously’ survives.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A major crash on I-295 on the Dames Point Bridge sent a tractor-trailer over the edge of the south end of the bridge into the St. Johns River.

The crash Friday on I-295 northbound had traffic at a near standstill in both directions. The northbound side of the bridge was completely blocked.

Rescue crews arrived and surrounded the dangling part of the semi. A section of the trailer had already gone over into the St. Johns River.

The semi driver was OK and walking around at the scene. Jacksonville firefighters said multiple cars were involved in the crash but “miraculously just one injury.”

Photos showed a crushed red car and a black truck, and a witness who drove by on the southbound side said it looked like the vehicles had “played ping-pong” against the sides of the bridge.

She said chunks of the bridge had been damaged in the crash.

The Florida Department of Transportation said bridge inspectors are on the way to the scene and advised drivers to use a different route.

Courtesy of Jacksonville Fire Rescue

Oil was spilled during the crash and will likely delay reopening the road because it will need to be cleaned up, sources said. A source said the northbound traffic that was stuck on the bridge will be reversed to get those vehicles off the highway.

Traffic headed southbound slowed to a crawl as drivers tried to get a look at the precariously dangling semi.

Police are expected to provide more information at a 2 p.m. news briefing.


Crews are working a traffic accident on the dames point bridge with multiple cars. The semi trailer went over the side of the bridge….expect delays. Miraculously, just one injury. Expect delays.