A semi-truck heading east on Highway 1 went up in flames. UPS trailer destroyed by fire.

A semi-truck heading east on Highway 1 near Revelstoke went up in flames on Tuesday night.

Packages were destroyed in Tuesday’s truck fire east of Revelstoke.

One present will be missing under a tree in Calgary come Christmas morning — and many others will also likely be without gifts after a UPS truck fire on Tuesday night destroyed a load’s worth of parcels heading east from Kamloops.

The fire occurred on Highway 1, 32 kilometres east of Revelstoke.

The Krenz family of Kamloops thought shipping UPS was the safe choice due to rotating Canada Post strikes that could not guarantee delivery times.

“Then he [husband Jim] got an email saying the truck was destroyed, your goods are not insured and Merry Christmas.”

An email sent to the family from the UPS Store on Summit Drive in Kamloops states:

“We have been notified by UPS about an unfortunate accident that a UPS trailer was destroyed by fire. All packages were destroyed and unfortunately, your package to Calgary was one of them.”

Revelstoke Mounties were at the scene of the truck fire at about 8:30 p.m.

Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said the driver jumped from the moving truck, which caught fire after sparks were spotted beneath the dash. Minor injuries were reported and the truck and trailer blocked the Trans Canada Highway, halting traffic in both directions, for two hours. Alternating traffic continued until about 11 p.m.

All that remained of the commercial truck was a metal structure.

“Everything burned to the ground,” Grabinsky said.

When sending out notifications to its customers, UPS also informed the Krenz family they would not be compensated because the package was not insured.

“Unfortunately, packages which are not insured by the shipper will not be compensated,” the email states. “We understand your disappointment, but this incident is beyond anyone’s control.”

Krenz said the cost of shipping the $70 Christmas present would have cost nearly $50 with insurance, a cost that didn’t seem to make sense due to the value of the gift. While she understands UPS will not replace the package without insurance, Krenz wants to be refunded the $38 standard shipping fee for a parcel that never arrived and was, in fact, torched en route to its destination.

Krenz is also scratching her head over what to get her sister, with just five days before Christmas. Maybe flowers?

“It’s just disappointing because I’m not going to have time to send her anything else,” Krenz said.