Valley, AL family of 19-year-old hit by 18-wheeler still seeking driver

COLUMBUS, GA  -A Valley, Alabama teen is fighting for his life at Piedmont Columbus Regional after being hit by two vehicles on Interstate 85.

One of those vehicles was an 18-wheeler. It happened on Halloween morning and one month later, that family says they’re still hoping the driver will come forward.

19-year-old Alonzo Heath Jr. is in the Intensive Care Unit at Piedmont Columbus Regional after 30 days of treatment. His mother says Halloween morning was the last time she heard her son speak to her.

“My phone rings and I answer it and he was saying my God my God mama, I’m upside down in my car,” says Alonzo Heath’s mother, Janeiria Heath.

She says it’s a day that changed her and her family’s lives. It was an early morning phone call from her son telling her that he had been hit by an 18-wheeler. While upside down, his car was then hit by an SUV.

“All I could see was blood and him, and I called his name and he didn’t respond to me. That’s when I was told that he was going to have be airlifted,” says his mother.

The accident happened when Alonzo Heath was returning home to Valley after taking his friend to work in Auburn. Alonzo Heath is currently in ICU with injuries to his spinal cord, a brain injury, collapsed lungs, and broken bones.

“Going in and out of the ICU room seeing my son from at the point of death to at the point of living and breathing, it’s been very emotional and hurtful,” explained Janeiria Heath.

“You do whatever you can do, but there’s nothing I can do but stand over my child and say if I could trade places with you, I would. But there’s nothing I could do but pray,” says Alonzo Heath’s father, Alonzo Heath, Sr.

He says they’re praying for the recovery of their son and for the driver of the 18-wheeler who hit their son’s car and kept going.

“I forgive him, but I just need to know and want to know who he is or who she is, and why they didn’t stop and give our son aid and call for help,” says Janeiria Heath.

“We want to prevent it from happening to another person, so we need to get him off the road and justice needs to be served,” says Alonzo Heath, Sr.

The family has even taken to social media to find the driver who is responsible. They’ve posted pictures of the crashed car. Valley police say anyone with information should call police.