VIDEO: Traffic cameras show crash involving 50-60 cars on snowy Iowa interstate

AMES, Iowa (WTHR) – One person died in a crash involving dozens of vehicles on an Iowa interstate that was captured on traffic cameras.

53-year-old Dana Easter was killed when the bus he was driving hit a row of stopped vehicles on Interstate 35 early Monday afternoon. According to WHO-TV, traffic had been stopped due to another crash in a snowstorm. The Iowa Department of Transportation released video of the pile-up Tuesday, showing just how quickly dozens of cars can be involved in a crash on slick roads.

The pile-up, which authorities estimate involved between 50-70 cars, closed the interstate for nearly six hours.

About 70 miles away Monday, Interstate 80 near Grinnell, Iowa was blocked by a crash involving 19 vehicles, including a bus carrying the touring cast and crew of “Dancing With The Stars.” One person was killed in that crash. No one on the tour bus was seriously injured.